Garden Decor – Dog and Cat Statues Bring Life To Your Yard And Garden

When people visit your garden and they find animal garden statues among your plants they think they are just adorable.

Garden Figurine Sheltie Dog

They will point them out and comment, young and old people, makes no difference.  Sheltie Dog is a favorite outdoor garden statue. Standing 18.5” tall he acts as the guard dog for your garden. On the

Garden Figurine Joe Crocker

smaller side Joe Crocker is just so cute you want to bend over and pet him! As you walk further into the garden you see Standing Kitten looking up at you with its paw reaching out to you.  The next outdoor garden sculpture you find is Resting Kitten. She is sitting back among the plants just taking it easy.  She is not the only one resting in the garden. Ollie Dog is also laying down in the shade.  You will find all of these outdoor garden figurines at Browse our entire selection and remember, always Free Shipping.

Garden Figurine Willie Dog

Garden Figurine Ollie Dog

Garden Figurines Resting Kitten

Garden Figurine Reclining Cat


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