Garden Decorations – Create a Retreat

Garden Decorating - Create a Retreat

Garden Decorating – Crete a retreat for yourself in your garden

If you have a spot in your garden that is shady and cool why not turn it into a personal oasis by adding a comfortable chair and some flowers or other attractive, soothing plants. It will give you a perfect place to sit and enjoy all of nature around you. We took a back corner of our garden and made into our special “meditation corner” retreat. We had an angled corner which was given a lot of privacy by the cedar fence.  A trip to K-Mart and we came home with a Adirondack chair that is very comfortable to sit in. The corner already had nice, soothing plants growing in it. Some wrought iron plant hooks where added to the 4” x 4” fence posts. Some colorful hanging baskets where hung from them to bring some color to the corner. A few pieces of cedar board to make a border, some wood chips on the ground, a small table to go beside the chair to hold a book and a drink, and we have a perfect backyard hideaway!