Garden Decor – Whirlygig

An old American Folk art icon has been updated to take advantage of today’s finest materials, yet maintaining yesterday’s charm. These colorful whirligigs have been decorating yards and gardens for centuries. Flying Colors has developed a new assembly system that is both easy and durable, resulting in a whirligig that is both easy to assemble, weather resistant and durable. Comes with a mounting pole. Made from wooden body, fiber glass wings and automobile paint that will not fade or chip.   A 34″ garden stake mounting pole is included.  Size: 13.5″ x 2.5″ x 5″. Chose from Blue Jay, Cardinal, Hummingbird, or Owl whirligigs.

Whirligig Whirlygig


Garden Decor – Recycling a chair into a planter

Old chair made into a flower planter as yard and garden decoration.

Last summer we had a chair that the bottom strapping had worn out and broken through. In our town you just can’t put a chair out next to your trash can and have it picked up. You have to take it to the transfer station and throw it into a inter-modal container which is then taken by truck to the railroad yard and put on the daily unit garbage train and taken to the landfill. The minimum fee for the transfer station is $20.00. Throwing this chair out was not worth $20.00 that was for sure.

Need is the mother of invention and we needed to find something to do with this old patio chair. Bob had the idea of turning it into a planter. We found a pot that would fit inside the chair frame. Bob had a some small cut off pieces of  2″x4″ treated lumber from building the fence. These where put on the ground and the pot set on top of them. Linda filled the pot with some gravel in the bottom for drainage and a mixture of potting soil and 1/3 compost, then planted the pot with some flowers I now had a new garden accent for the cost of a new pot! The cost of the pot was a lot less than the $20.00 fee at the transfer station.

This year the second chair of the set also wore out. We replaced our fence made of bamboo mats in the meditation garden with a cedar fence. When the fence was done we had several cedar fence boards left over. Bob took one of these boards and cut pieces 4 inches longer that the width of the chair seat and placed them on the steel frame. The reason the boards where cut longer was so they would have 2” over hang on each side. This is to make sure they do not move a little bit and fall inside of the chair. Sure do not want my plants falling down into that hole!

Bird Decor – Unique Bird Mugs

Coffee Tea Mug Chorus Line 15 oz SEEK7032

The fun and excitement of having your own home to beautify and decorate is something that never really seems to cease. You would always find new things and perks to add to your home or simple changes that you want to make. Most individuals are fond of collecting a lot of things at home, keeping them in collection cabinets with see through crystals for everybody to appreciate. And yes, collecting is something that pacifies one’s desires, as these are things that you find yourself most interested about.

In the process of keeping your home beautiful and buying the right accessories, you can always try to get things that are unique to give your home that different atmosphere than the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. Just like the unique bird decor mugfor instance, they’d be just the perfect home add on for bird and nature enthusiasts like you.

If you’re among the many individuals who love having coffee or tea during the day, you can always consider having unique mugs at home for you to enjoy your coffee and tea time. The Chorus Line 15 oz mug

that comes in a set of four is a beautiful gift idea for friends and even yourself. It doesn’t just make the perfect decorations for home or the perfect one’s when you make that coffee, it’s also ideal for bird lovers like you. It is designed by artist Wendy Wagner with bird imprints around this 15 ounce ceramic mug. Each mug costs a good amount, reasonable enough for the durability and the beauty that you get from each.

Make your collection unique, get ones from manufacturers who offer products from artists who make only the finest. Birds being among the things that you love the most, you can always invest in your own set of unique bird decor mugs. They’re something that’s worth your cash and worth that special place in your home, after all the passion you have for nature and your feathered friends is something that’s worth every penny spent.

Birding – Bird Window Strikes

We have recently had several birds fly from our feeders into our sliding glass door that goes from our dining room to the backyard.  We not had this happen before so have begun to do some research to determine why. Modern homes and office building today are often built using insulated and reflective glass. These windows may look great and be very pleasing for humans, but they are lethal to your feathered friends. Birds cannot distinguish the difference between the real sky and the reflection of the sky in a window. Especially during the migration season, millions of birds throughout North America fly into windows and re seriously injured or killed each year.  Migration isn’t time that birds have window collisions. Birds may also hit your windows or glass doors during the breeding season and even during the winter.

During the breeding season male woodpeckers, mockingbirds and cardinals may see their own reflections in the window or car mirror and want to “fight” it. They’ll stopping banging your window or door glass as the breeding season comes to an end.

In our case living in the Pacific Northwest our backyard is in shade most of the day. Linda was having trouble growing some of her plants in her Serenity Garden so several trees were removed. The new sunlight in Linda’s Serenity Garden was great for the plants, but was now causing a reflection off the back sliding glass door.

The problem now is how to reduce the reflection on our glass door? Life-size, animate “scare birds” such as plastic owls or falcons do not work. Even owl or falcon silhouettes attached to windows with suction cups are not very effective deterrents.  Window or door screens seem to help break up the reflection of large glass windows and doors. Our problem is we have a sliding glass door and large bed room window where only one half of the glass is covered by the screen. The other half not covered is where the birds have flown into the most. Planting trees or high bushes or shrubs to block the sunlight from reflecting in the glass door was not an option, since we had just removed trees to allow sunlight into the yard! We are out of ideas, can anyone else pass us on a few to try out via them comments section.

Garden Decor – Dog and Cat Statues Bring Life To Your Yard And Garden

When people visit your garden and they find animal garden statues among your plants they think they are just adorable.

Garden Figurine Sheltie Dog

They will point them out and comment, young and old people, makes no difference.  Sheltie Dog is a favorite outdoor garden statue. Standing 18.5” tall he acts as the guard dog for your garden. On the

Garden Figurine Joe Crocker

smaller side Joe Crocker is just so cute you want to bend over and pet him! As you walk further into the garden you see Standing Kitten looking up at you with its paw reaching out to you.  The next outdoor garden sculpture you find is Resting Kitten. She is sitting back among the plants just taking it easy.  She is not the only one resting in the garden. Ollie Dog is also laying down in the shade.  You will find all of these outdoor garden figurines at Browse our entire selection and remember, always Free Shipping.

Garden Figurine Willie Dog

Garden Figurine Ollie Dog

Garden Figurines Resting Kitten

Garden Figurine Reclining Cat